This site exists for and because of the friends and family who have repeatedly asked for it.

I get hungry.

I (we) cook two-to-three times per day, and many of you ask what ends up on our plates.  When I (we) cook, I am finding that I feel more relaxed, peaceful and joyful.  I hope you experience the same. I am not a kitchen queen, domestic goddess or anywhere near Martha Stewart.  So, bear with me. I can’t guarantee to document each meal, but I can share a bit of the journey!

Oh, and (if you don’t know already) you should know that I am classically trained as an artist.  So, that means I think a bit more about food in terms of the elements of art (as opposed to classic food-science and gastronomy.)

I like food as a medium because the “art installation” that results:

– generally can be thoroughly enjoyed by others on a regular basis,
– often meets the most basic needs (as opposed to a drawing that serves my personal development)
– goes through the digestive process, and ultimately becomes an unrecognizable, brown pile of, well… excrement, poop, feces… you know… waste (this remains a visual reminder that I’m not as important as I might sometimes think I am)
– costs a lot less than eating out or developing a fine oil painting or a fine drawing
– remains much more feasible space-wise in our small living space
– remains much more viable/affordable for our simple lifestyle
– remains much more desirable than industrialized food-like substances
– food brings people together for a shared time of renewal, gratitude-sharing and joy.

May the spoon be with you!

Katrina Willis

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