Broccoli Soup

I opened my fridge, and what did I see?  A giant stack of broccoli staring at me.

So I made soup. For lunch. (Cooking this is faster, stronger, cheaper and better than takeout or sack lunch. Plus the leftovers make the joy last even longer.)

So, I washed my trusty heads of broccoli.

Then I diced an onion and added it to a little olive oil in a pot over medium heat.

I then proceeded to salt & pepper the onions, and I added a dash of nutmeg just before replacing the lid.  While the onions started to sweat out, I chopped up the broccoli (stem and all!) and added it to the mix.

I started to transfer the cut broccoli pieces to the pot, and well, at this point, I had to put the brakes on…

You see, I had an ambitious floret.  Perhaps he wanted to be like Icarus. But this little escapee had to be stopped for all of our sakes.

So I found these wooden, flammable sticks that I brought back from Asia, and sent them in to do my bidding.  I suppose I could have turned off the flame, but what is life without a risk now and then?

Aaahhh, still good.  Back where he belongs.

And who wouldn’t leave the 99 for the one?

…Now, where were we?

Oh, that’s much better.  So, once the pot was filled with all of the broccoli I could stuff in there, I added a can of white kidney beans. I like the protein and creaminess of white beans. Then I sprinkled on some more nutmeg, salt and pepper.

I chased that mixture with chicken stock. (I love the buttery flavor of chicken stock, but vegetable stock would work well here, too.)

Then I turned up the heat, covered the pot and waited for the boil.

Once the mixture was boiling away, I turned off the heat and began to carefully ladle the soup into the blender until the blender was half full.

Once the consistency was to my liking (this is really based on preference – leave it blending longer for smoother soups, pulse or blend lightly for a more textured soup), I poured the blended mix back into the pot.  I repeated this in batches, fishing out the remaining chunks, until the majority of the soup resembled a puree.

Now, where is my bowl???

Parmesan? Yes, please!

And that my friends, is a brilliant, monochromatic lunch.

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  • Karen

    just the inspiration i need here at the beginning of the week. contemplating some daniel-fast-type meals and need ideas that will motivate me to get to the store and gather up a bouquet of veggies like a gardener gets her bunch of flowers….Happy B-da, wonderful friend, sister, art and cook companion on the art and cooking journey!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    Now I know where to go for healthy and artistic dinner ideas! Thanks for all your help with my blog, I still get excited when I see my homepage and the new look. Thanks for using your great talents to help me out. nCan’t wait to read your next post!nLauran

  • jdoloris

    okay, you’re ridiculous. i hate broccoli soup…and i’m drooling. how did you do that?

  • Katrina

    Thanks all! nnKatrina = smiling