Macaroni and Peas

So after we shelled the Green English Peas, we decided to add in some pasta, freshly ground pepper and freshly shaved Parmesan.

I love pasta, but when heavy creamy pasta hits the table, I imagine a gut bomb around the corner. I switch into “math-gear” and start counting how many sticks of butter or cups of heavy cream mostly likely went into the process. This pasta dish focuses on the quality of a small quantity of cheese and relies on the creaminess of the peas. Plus, it’s so easy to make!

I started by boiling some salted water and cooking the pasta. (I’m using super curly noodles called Cellentani – any tubular noodle would work: macaroni, penne, etc.) The pasta process took me about 13 minutes.

Here are the peas we shelled and boiled for a few minutes. See the details. (Shameless rant: Life is short. Avoid using “jaundice alien head” canned peas. There is a reason why kids don’t like peas… it’s most likely because they’ve only encountered sickly canned peas. If you don’t have fresh peas, frozen peas are your next best option, since they are most often frozen at their peak freshness! Even frozen peas retain that bright green pop of color, characteristic to a healthy pea!)

I added the pasta to the bowl of peas. Some of the pasta water transferred over in the spoon. I’m using the wooden spoon here – if you have a fancier gadget, like a ladle or pasta claw, that would be much easier for transferring the pasta.

Pasta over peas.

Now where are those peas?

To evenly distribute the peas throughout the pasta, I gently submerged the wooden spoon into the pasta and scooped up the peas from below.

Once the peas were mixed into the pasta…

I added some freshly ground pepper… oh the smell…

…and Parmesan cheese! I used my potato/vegetable peeler to shave off thin slices of Parmesan. The cheese adds a salty flavor, so I didn’t need any salt.

Voila! Oh, wait… these are English Peas… What’s “Voila!” in English?

I need a smaller bowl and spoon!

And there you have it.

A perfect balance of beautiful peas and pasta in every bite.
I love pea season…


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  • jdoloris

    my version was tortellini and peas. otherwise known as alien head pasta. i’m sad to hear that others are turned off by the alien esque indentations of peas as this was the first reason i ever considered eating them as a child. 

    • Art & Table

      Tortellini – good idea!