Orange Ginger Squash

Orange you thankful for squash? (I couldn’t resist.)

There is nothing like squash in autumn. I love the first shipment. It’s like crossing under a doorway into a new season. And then there’s more squash in autumn. It’s like manna. Falling from the skies. And then winter comes. And there is more squash.

I love the gift of bright orange in the midst of the greyest season. Embracing squash in February is an art in itself.

So, I grabbed a butternut squash that we retrieved from our produce share and pulled some onions, garlic and ginger out along with it.

Cutting the squash may be the hardest part of making this, but butternut is by far the easiest to peel and cube.

I like to make “edges” on the rounded form to secure the wobbly thing on the table. That way it doesn’t run off. Nobody wants a runaway squash.

Then I separated the top cylindrical section from the seed-bearing base. This creates two major forms.

The seed-bearing base creates a “bowl” – the bowl makes it easy to scoop out those seeds. Any old spoon will do the trick.

Later on, I roast these seeds in the toaster oven for a snack. (I am in Chicago… we have to use everything but the squeal.) In the meantime, I put them in a bowl so I could easily wash the squash gook off.

Then I cut the bigger chunks into smaller cubes.

Next, I diced up the garlic, ginger and the green onions.

The ginger and the garlic made their voyage into a couple of tablespoons of warming olive oil.

The butternut squash cubes followed, not far behind.

Hello, orange!

I gave it a bit of a stir and added a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce and half a cup of water.

I added the cover and let that heat through, until the squash softened.

In the meantime, I washed and scattered the seeds onto a sheet of parchment paper. I attacked the seeds with cayenne pepper and some salt and baked them at 350 degrees in the toaster oven.

About ten minutes later, the squash started to soften up.

A few minutes later and the little cubes started to brown up beautifully.

So I added the green onions and some sesame seeds.

Yum! At this point, I hadn’t really thought about what to make with it. So I improvised… I made some red quinoa. (Quinoa is a brilliant little grain. It cooks in ten minutes! The red is particularly beautiful, but the white is just as tasty.) I love how each little grain looks like a mini-sculpture. They don’t have a strong taste – they work perfectly with the vibrant taste of the squash.

But those seeds look so good… I couldn’t wait for another day’s snack. We had to add these crunchy, spicy tidbits into the mix.


Layer 1: Quinoa (you could put anything here – noodles, rice, grain, salad… anything!)

Layer 2: Sorry snack time. I need to eat these seeds NOW.

Layer 3: Orange Ginger Squash. Yesssssss…

There you have it – a gooey-squashy-orangey plate of heaven-on-earth. I call it dinner.

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  • jdoloris

    this is getting out-of-hand. must. go. grocery shopping.

  • Laura

    I love the way your posts sound just the way you talk. It’s like we are in the same room. If only we were, then I’d be eating what you just cooked! As it is, I will have to try it myself. Maybe KB will wash the dishes afterward????

  • Katrina

    Hi Laura – I know what you mean about the dishes. I think I will write about this dishes thing… is it really feasible for one to cook and wash all of the dishes?! 🙂 And we would love to have you in the same room! Sooner than later, hopefully!nnjdoloris – :).

  • Teresa Norris

    Wow, this sounds so yummy. I LOVE butternut squash, and your recipe is on my list of “things to make soon”.