Roasted Salsa Deconstrukt

We’re almost always making our food smaller through the preparation process. And it makes sense. It’s faster to cook something that is smaller. So, we chop, dice, mince, blend, puree. Rarely do we flip the equation.

How about we go BIGGER? Instead of pureeing vegetables into a salsa, let us deconstruct.

When I think of salsa, I think of …

Peppers and cilantro, and…

Onions (or garlic) and limes, and …


In total, the ingredients include tomatoes, an onion, a variety of fresh peppers, a couple of limes, cilantro, olive oil and salt and pepper.

Thanks to Alan Boyle for pointing me in a direction on ingredients and thanks to Rachel and Sean Durbin for discovering and delivering the tomatoes featured here!

I started with a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.

I approached the tomatoes by slicing them into quarter-to-half-inch rounds and arranged them into a single layer on the sheet.

Enter the onion: same song, second verse. Cutting into rounds.

Deconstructing the onion into separated rings…

Will you look at those peppers?! Yum. The peppers and the onions atop the tomatoes will add a welcome layer of flavor.*

Some will be sliced, some we’ll leave whole…

Going up another floor… making this salsa is like riding an elevator.

Normally we go for lime juice in salsa. What about salsa with lime slices???

A drizzle of oil, salt and cilantro… **

Pop it in the oven at 375 degrees for 30-40 minutes (rotate half way through, if you’d like)… (I didn’t rotate at all)

Coming out of the oven…

So there it is – the ultimate in chunk! Roasted Salsa Deconstrukt.

Clearly, one could do this with a variety of ingredients. There are so many types of salsas – salsa verde, tomatillo salsa, etc. Experiment, and discover what you like!

*Note: The process of roasting the salsa components makes the pepper pendulum swing from spicy to mildly sweet. The flavor will deepen, but the heat will not shock. So, even your spice-averse friends will enjoy it. You can always mix in raw slivers of pepper for an added kick. (This would be an interesting sweet/spicy blend!)

**Want to take it a step further? Try infusing olive oil with cilantro or blend some olive oil with some cilantro leaves and lime juice as a drizzle. Drizzled cilantro pesto would be another great solution in lieu of drizzling straight olive oil.

Roasted Salsa Deconstrukt is a yummy addition to tacos, fried eggs, Derrida book clubs, spanish rice, quesadillas, burritos, black beans… the sky is the limit. Enjoy!

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  • Mark W

    “Salsa deconstructed” great at “Derrida book clubs…” – ha!