White Bean Hummus

Just in case I die tomorrow, I want to make sure you have this recipe. Yes! It’s that good…

If you haven’t heard, I’m having an affair with white beans. Don’t worry. My husband knows…

The following is a spin on hummus (which usually calls for chickpeas, tahini – ground sesame paste, lemon juice, garlic and olive oil). However, in this bowl, full-of-creamy-wonder, white beans and rosemary take center stage.

The ingredient list is short: white beans (Cannellini – white kidney beans – are my favorite), garlic, fresh lemon juice and a sprig of rosemary. Add a food processor (or blender) and you’ve got lunch in less than five minutes.

If you like the idea of rustic, just remove the rosemary from the stem, and you don’t need any chopping.

If you like the rosemary finer or if you just want “more love to spread around” then give those leaves a chop.

Pull out your food processor or blender. Make sure it is unplugged… Ha! Now, there is a long story I’ll tell some other day.

Enter white beans. I’m using 1 can of white kidney beans (Cannellini), but you could easily double the beans if you have a big group.

One clove of garlic. (Even if you’re using two cans of beans!) Beans in puree form are “garlic amplifiers!”

Normally, I go a little crazy with garlic. I mean, can you have too much garlic, really?!

In most every other case I would say, “No! You can never have too much garlic.” But in hummus (traditional or otherwise) too much garlic will take down the whole party. It’s a deal breaker. Trust me. Light on the garlic = heavy on the smiles.

PS. You don’t have to “pre-chop” the garlic. The machine magically takes care of all.

Rosemary dives in. Fresh is best, dried will work. (If you go for dried, use a smaller amount and chop it up first!)

You’re still unplugged, right?

Next, add the lemon juice or lemon fruit. I like a lot of lemon in White Bean Hummus, and the benefit of the pureeing process makes it easy to add a lot quickly. I just cut off the rind and throw in a couple of slices of the lemon fruit (watch out for seeds!)

Okay, plug in that machine and pulse (or blend) away!

Hello, Creamy!

At this point, you need a taste test. Does it need salt and pepper? Olive oil? More lemon juice?

How do I serve thee…? Let me count the ways…

For lunch, I just make a barrel-load of the hummus, drizzle it with olive oil and dip into it with veggies and crackers…

…though this hummus makes a great sandwich, too (mmm… with sliced cucumbers, roasted bell peppers, romaine and slivered red onion).

For an appetizer, I pipe the hummus onto mini-toasts or cucumber slices with a sprig of rosemary or a sliver of red bell pepper.

White Bean Hummus is group friendly – it’s dairy free, meat free, gluten-free… high in protein, low in fat… vegetable laggards will eat it. Be prepared – people will hug you. Literally.

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  • Andrew


  • Anonymous

    This looks (and sounds) absolutely delicious! I’m a person that would eat rosemary and garlic by the handful, but with white beans?? Sign me up! Great post!

  • Ralanboyle

    Two things: nOne – I am going to make this becuase it makes my body happy. nTwo – Sara and I eat Lentil soup off your recipe almost every week. It is one of our favorite meals.

  • Katrina

    Alan – Whew! You guys don’t mess around. What did you think? nn…Wow. I didn’t realize you eat lentil soup almost every week… awesome. I love lentils so much that some days I want to marry them. :)nn————-nnThanks gingerkin! Let me know what you think!nn————nnHi Andrew!

    • http://godgrown.net/blog Mark W

      Now wait a minute. You’re already having an affair with white beans… but now its LENTILS TOO!!?!?!

  • http://profiles.google.com/durbin.rachel Rachel Durbin

    looks delicious! I am definetely going to try this recipe!

    • Katrina

      Let me know what you think!

  • Kara Vanderbijl

    making this tonight, katrina. MY STOMACH CAN’T WAIT FOR IT

    • http://artandtable.com Katrina

      Kara: Awesome!