White on White Bean Soup

I’m having an affair with white beans. (Don’t tell my husband).

Actually, he really likes white beans. You get creaminess without heavy dairy, and the filling-protein is a nice bonus. White beans are also like primed linen or cotton canvas. You can put just about any other color with it, and it will look delightful.

So, as I’m eating white beans, I can’t help but think about white vegetables…

Here’s what I started with: 3 bulbs of fennel, garlic and a few parsnips.

I removed the greens from the fennel and peeled a few cloves of garlic.

Next, I roughly chopped the garlic and sliced the fennel into smaller pieces.

Over medium heat, I added some olive oil, the garlic and the first bulb of fennel…

I finished slicing the remaining fennel, added it to the pot and started on the parsnips.

Whew! Those are tiny little parsnips.

Next, I gave it a stir and the salt-and-pepper treatment.

I recovered the pot, so the parsnips softened and the fennel caramelized.

After about 15 minutes, I checked on the vegetables, and they needed a bit more time.

After another 10 minutes, the vegetables were begging for some bean-love.

After a bit of a stir, the fast-food part of me thought about grabbing some toast for white-on-white beans on toast.

But alas, today is more of a soup day.

So I scooped the aforementioned veggies and beans into the blender until it was half-full, added in some water (stock would work here), and blended it until its smoothness was unquestionable. Scoop. Blend. Repeat. Scoop. Blend. Repeat.

Back in the pot, it looked like a creamy miracle. No milk, no cream, just my boyfriend: the white bean. Magical.

Since I added so much water, it needed a little salt, pepper (white pepper would be interesting here) and lemon juice. Citrus can bring even the most basic soups to life…

A little white shaving of Parmesan…

There. White on White Bean Soup. Fit for all of your Russian Painter friends, specifically those who peaked in 1918.

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  • Iamchickenfoot

    oh this does look lovely. um i dont like fennel. it tastes anisey, right? could you substitute something else, like leek???ni am trying to add some more bean dishes

    • http://artandtable.com Katrina

      Absolutely – I used fennel, but it doesn’t taste anise-like in this soup. The caramelizing at the beginning sweetens it up! You could also sub in yellow or white onions, leek might work, though you would need a bunch.nnYay for beans. 😉