Golden Yellow Brunch Potatoes

These potatoes make the sun come out.

Here is my evidence: When I started cutting potatoes, this was the color of the sky. Grey. Bleh.

When the potatoes came out of the oven, this was the color of the sky. Bright! Yay!

See what I mean? I told you these potatoes make the sun come out.
I know you must be thinking, “Tell me more.”

Well, nothing says yellow more than a little turmeric.

Mmmm. I wish I could send smells to you now. It looks orange at first blush, but trust me – this brilliant spice will give these potatoes a nice sun-kissed yellow color.

After I pulled out the turmeric, I lined a baking sheet with parchment paper, washed and diced up some golden potatoes (yes, for my bachelor friends out there – wash your potatoes!) and filled a gallon-sized zip-top back with the diced tubers.

I drizzled a little olive oil into the bag of potatoes (a couple of tablespoons will do).

I followed the oil with scoop of turmeric – here I added a heaping teaspoon.


Now comes my favorite part. I zipped up the bag and gave it nice shake. This is the perfect moment to call in your shorter helpers, if you have any around. Kids love shaking bags of food!

Once all of the potatoes were covered (this happens rather quickly – in a matter of seconds), I opened up the bag and dumped the contents on to the parchment paper.

So the potatoes cook evenly, I arranged them into a single layer.

Then I added some slices of separated onions over the top with a bit more olive oil, salt and pepper.

Next, I baked them in the oven at 400 degrees for 40 minutes. (Sometimes I make potatoes in the toaster oven, and I can cut the time down in half. Convection ovens also reduce the amount of time needed.)

After 40 minutes, I checked on the potatoes, and they looked ready to go. I didn’t flip them or anything… though you could flip the potatoes half way through the cooking time, if you prefer.

Looking good.

This is where the sun really comes out.

Mark was scrambling some eggs about the same time, so we had ourselves a perfectly yellow brunch.

And there you have it! Perfect Golden Yellow Brunch potatoes!

See… I told you I could make the sun come out!

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  • Sean Durbin

    freaking awesome! Very well done!

  • Katrina

    Thanks Sean! Looking forward to tomorrow!