Something Special

It’s Leap Day!

…And it’s something special. Leap Day encapsulates that rare 24-hour reminder that we get a chance to start something special, dare to step out, do something special or take some time out to reflect. It’s a chance to see the ordinary with fresh eyes. Simply put: It’s a gift.

A year ago this month, we launched Art&Table. Throughout the seasons of the last calendar year, we have bantered into many fresh conversations over email, the phone and around the table. We have made many meals, experimented with all sorts of interesting foods and celebrated one another. This is the stuff of life.

I am proud to say that this marks the one-year anniversary of Art&Table.

Here’s to another year! May you be pleasantly surprised, delighted and thankful for the abundance we all enjoy. Happy Leap Year!


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  • Laura

    Happy Anniversary!  Looking forward to celebrating more with you.