Table Talk

Food brings us together.

Unlike wolves who travel in packs, or fish who migrate in schools, humans have the distinct ability to centralize and interact with one another socially around a table.  This phenomenon fascinates me.

From those of us who live in a food desert to those of us who live in abundant areas, we all need food and water for survival.

The recognition that we need to eat slows us down and brings us back to reality.  In these slower moments, we see the reality more clearly: we need one another to survive.  From the farmer who grows the tomatoes to the merchant who sells the fruit, we are intricately woven into a very complex food system.

TABLE TALK includes the posts that are not recipe-centric.  Here you will find posts that address the bigger questions of table culture, cooking, process, eating, food systems, health, family, joy, gratitude, appreciation and interaction.

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